Page overflow on mobile

Im getting the mobile version sliding to the right. Im aware that it has something to do with my overflow. Which i have played with for hours and still can’t find the solution, i would appreciate someone taking a quick 5m look as im sure it just something small im missing.

Much appreciated

hi @Proto you have overflow on How does it work? and Page Wrapper.

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Thanks that seemed to of fixed it, i have one more issue im currently having.
Im getting conflicting designs from what webflow sees to what i can see live on my mobile device.

I have checked all 4 resolutions and moved the sliders around. But don’t see where i’m getting this live version from.

You can see in the screen shots, that the writing is sliding off their Div blocks, but not happening in webflow.

Also how my text is matching its back ground but not in webflow.

Again much thanks

hi @Proto your content overflow (second image) because you have set on card-2 fixed height: 700px once you let content do its job (determine height of parent element) all will start falling together. I can’t replicate issue from first image but there is more things that should be fixed.

Good luck

PS: please do not mix several issues into one request as request is not conversation about the project but solving specific issue that can be easily found with other forum members when facing similar issue and reading request (and solution if marked) can help them to solve issue without creating a new request.

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