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Page order + sub pages

Hey there!

I’m wondering if it’s just me who’s not able to manage the page order or if such a feature doesn’t exist? Also, what about sub pages? I can’t create pages like /about/webflow as Webflow only allows one level. This feature would be handy if you gave us a way to create multi level navigations :wink:

Have a great day :blush:

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Page order: it’s been requested many times in this forum. As far as we understood, we don’t ask for it anymore for a couple of months… and then we will see :smiley:

Sub-Pages: you can be more specific about what you want to achieve with sub-pages. Are subpages supposed to inherit properties of their parents pages? Are you looking for a way to duplicate a whole structure at once? If the answers are no, you may only need a way to control your URLs.

To webflow staff about the control of the URLs: this is an important topic. I too need to control what’s written in the URLs. What about letting us chose it for each and every page in the property panel?

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Hi @vincent, about the control of the URLs, what are you trying to do that is different than putting in the url you want currently in the page properties, I missed what functionality you are missing there, that you want. In your screenshot, I see Page Url, which you can put it to be whatever you want the page url to be, like for example, you could change “welcome-earthlings” to “welcome-earthlings-you-rock” and that would be a valid url.

If you can help to clarify that point, thanks and cheers!

Sorry I should have taken the example FvG was giving, for instance a URL like /about/mycompany, or /products/winter/sales

Hi @vincent, thanks for clarifying, I see what you mean now. We will look at that also for the Page Nav updates. Cheers !

Yes, basically it’s about custom urls. What I mean by sub-pages is, if you have a page /about and another like /about/dave, the second would be a child of the first or a sub-page. It could be also shown visually using a tree structure.

Now this doesn’t work together with the idea of allowing any url, because what would happen if you create a page /about/jeff but no page /about? How would you show that?

In my opinion, it would make sense not to allow setting urls with “subfolders”, but enable nesting pages by dragging. If you would nest a page “/fred” into “/about” this would result in /about/fred.
Title and url could still be different. The only requirement would be to have unique url names per nesting level.

As I understand how the modern web works, there’s no more relationship between URLs and files / paths.

You can call a file, or a page, with a URL, but then the page itself rewrite the URL. Sometimes, it rewrites it several times per page, depending on scrolling, hierarchy or really any other parameter. Hence the possibility to have multiple pages writing the same URL at some point.

So the uniqueness of the path is not even an obligation, or at all an issue.

I use mainly Chrome and noticed today that Safari on Yosemite doesn’t display the path URL anymore. It sticks on the domain or display what the page writes there.

Well, that’s true. What you’re talking about is the fact, that most websites are not file based as they use a web framework, cms or are built as a single page app. However, pages generated in webflow are. It would just be nice if you could create hierarchies for your pages hosted on webflow.

We hear you @FvG, its coming ! stay tuned… :smile:

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I’m entirely OK with this. Currently, I’m using some pages as visual hints in the page list! I’m waiting for this announcement too (:

Hey @FvG @vincent, make sure to check out our beta annoucement here: Nested Pages / Folders are ready!

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