Page not scrolling - fixing overflow hasn't worked

Hello beautiful people,

I am trying to create a webpage where I can share some content to members, but as I added a tab element and made some changes I am now unable to scroll down!

I saw that all posts in the forum suggest to change the overflow of the body, but this didn’t work unfortunately.

Would anyone be able to help in any way?

Thank you very much,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Have you set a fixed page height? If you have change it to Auto

Hi Janne, thank you for the reply!

No, I don’t have anything set to a fixed height… I shared the read-only link if that might help!

Will take a look when I’m at my computer. Using iPad for the moment

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Which pages aren’t scrolling? I can’t find one with content larger than the viewport.

Hey Joe, this page right here

Hey Janne, did you get a chance to have a look?

Youe tab content is set to pssiion fixed. That is causing the problem.