Page not scrolling, content hidden below 100vh

I went through the breakpoints cleaning up and then found this problem on the studies page. It was fine before running through the breakpoints.

I checked the visibility/ overflow settings for every element. not sure what else to do?


Here is my site Read-Only:
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@bcombs1 you mean is page bottom blank space?

Yes all of the content is being hidden? It’s such a simple page. I used the premade layouts even???

fullpage wrapper height set zero

When viewing the published page all you can see is the first 100vh

In preview everything is fine. The page scrolls and displays all of the content

in designer look normal
have publish link?

I have tried to change the height of the full page wrapper to various heights 450vh etc no change

this is the published page that gets truncated to 100vh
It works fine in preview

I worked around it. Created a new page and pasted the content from the page in. Scrolling problem gone…


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