Page not scrolling after adding section ID's

Hi Guys,

I looked around the forum but could not find a solution for this.

From my home page, I have links that need to link to a specific section on another page - this I did by using the url/page-name#sectio method - and it is working perfectly…

BUT now my page is not scrolling…at all.

I had to publish my project for the linking to work but here is my read only link:

and here is the published site:

I would want to be able to click on one of the technique squares and go to that section on the next page - but still be able to scroll afterwards. Is this at all possible?

Thanks Guys

Hello @RonnieBester,

So your published site link sends you to a 404 page. And for what you want to do the method you are using is correct ( url/pagename#sectionid), I use it on all my sites and it works, now all your links on your read only link are sending me to a 404 page, so, double check if your domain is working correctly.

Hi Pablo,

Sorry , had to unpublished again as the site is not really ready yet. but I did publish it again now for you to see.

please try again and see if it works

Hey @RonnieBester, I’am still getting 404 pages on your links.

Hi @Pablo_Cortes,

I have found my mistake - my body had been set to hide the overflow - which resulted in the page not scrolling. All fixed now.

Thanks anyway for taking the time to reply to my post. It’s much appreciated!

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