Page not rendering correctly when fetched as Google

Hello there! I’m here with a (for me) tricky question right before the weekend :slight_smile:

I have a page with quite some content, but when I try to fetch it as Google on the webmasters tools I don’t get most of it.

Some content on the page is excluded from site search results, but I also have a bunch of content I should be able to see there and I don’t…

The pages that are affected at the moment are collection pages (“Kurierdiensts Template”), and one example is

This is the bottom of the page as it’s rendered by Google:

My read-only link is:

Thank you all!

Hi there, I just wanted to post an update about this!

I contacted the support and they pointed me to this super helpful thread that helped me solve the issue, so I’m posting it here just in case someone else needed it :slight_smile: