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Page not found 404 // Mobile Version and overflow issue

It’s working fine on desktop and in the webflow builder. But when i open it up on mobile it sas “Not Found”.

Anyone know a solution to this problem?

Hi @JohnFavreaux I was able to pull up your site on my mobile phone. I did notice that the background videos may be bogging down the site load speed on mobile and caused the site to reload. Have you tried setting the videos or BackgroundContainer element to display: none on mobile and adding a background image instead for those elements to see if that resolves the issue?

Resolved the issue @Waldo

But now a new one has risen.

the width of the page on mobile is now wayy wider than it should be. I can’t find
the element that is stretching it out. Can you perhaps help out?

Hey @JohnFavreaux

It looks like your contactinfos div block is set to inline block. Changing this to display: block should resolve the issue. You will also need to decrease the font size of the contact email.

Hope this helps!

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