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"Page loading" does not work with videos

Hello guys, I’m having problems using “Page Loading” from Webflow, on slower connections, 3G for example, “Page Loading” is disregarding the total loading of all videos/page that are inserted on the page, it skips to the next function " When page finishes loading ".

With this problem, the videos continue to load even after the Webflow says that the page has already been loaded.

Follow my link.

Anyone else with this problem? Does anyone have any solution?


Since Webflow can’t detect the loading state of video served via the video embed widget you would need to write custom code to pull it off. Best to use a image with a play button, that you add an event listener to, that when triggered injects the appropriate code into the page, which then loads the video. How you proceed depends on who is serving the video. There are tuts online you can find.

Hey @caiosartori,

Is the video in an interaction? Why are you saying “Page Loading”?

Hi Gary, the loading was created with “Page Loading” within the webflow with “Page Trigger” in Interactions.

Okay, can you post your read only link please?

Sure, thanks gary

Okay got it… but why are you putting it into a page interaction? Why can’t it just go into a div and run?