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Page loading and connection timeout/waiting for script (infinite load)


So sometimes when this site is refreshed the page will load infinitely. Everything looks right and loaded, but the favicon is replaced by the refresh/loading icon. I’m thinking this is because of something, occasionally, blocking it from finishing to load completely.

So, what is it and how do I fix it?


Hey @Emil.Sjoberg, have you tried contacting Webflow Support

Hi @Emil.Sjoberg

Thanks for posting. Can you please share your Read-Only link :slight_smile:

Alternatively you can reach out to our Support team here for assistance with this.

Hi @Brando, absolutely: here it is.

Hi @matthewpmunger, I thought maybe there was something I messed up, I will contact them instead!

Thanks for sharing that link @Emil.Sjoberg

It looks like the slow load time may be caused by the particle.js you are using:

Can you please try removing those scripts to see if this resolves the load time issue?

Thank you, yes I have had it removed and tried that, but it didn’t affect it.

Hi @Emil.Sjoberg

Thanks for the extra information. I’ve notified the team and we will look into this more for you.

I’ll post back here when I have more information.

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