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Page load transition lagging on desktop and mobile


I am struggling with this problem for a month now. And it seems I can’t find a solution.
My page load transitions are lagging on desktop and mobile, especially on the home page.
In the designer works fine. I tried in incognito mode on chrome and it seems to work fine, but in normal mode even without any extension the transition doesn’t run smooth. It’s really frustrating because I am see such wonderful and simple transitions in other webflow projects, and I don’t know where the mistake could be since my transition it’s also pretty simple.

Running on 2018 MBP

Hope you can help

Thanks in advance

Here is my public share link:

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Hey Gio,

Did you ever figure out a solution? Your website loads without any lag on my browser.
My website is and am currently having the same issue.


your site run very smoothly on my machine. In my case I noticed that, if I had the editor mode on (if you have it on, you’ll find a tab with a little arrow on the bottom-right corner of the page, the page lagged a lot, Try different browsers, or incognito. Then log out from editor mode, clear your cache. No you should see the page without the editor arrow tab and your page should run smoothly. Have a look at this Disable the editor after it has been enabled

Hope it’ll helps!

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Thank you! that was the solution