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Page load the move to certain section

I have this events calendar made, and I would like to have after it is load, the page will move to correspond month section.

Is there anyway to do that in the interaction part?

Thank you guys ahead/

Here is my public share link: LINK

I use url link to make that after click link, and load page to a certain section.
but I want more that if the page will load at top, then move to a certain section.
So. Is there any way trigger the link section after load a page?

Hi Adollei,

Your current share link is broken, could you fix the link?
Here is how:

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the link.
Do you mean that when the page loads, it checks the current date and then automatically scrolls down to the current month?

If so, this would require custom code or you would need to change the interaction every month.

Yeah. But it is bomber that CMS Date collection has no filter for certain month or days.Right now. I just use link and try change that every month.

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