Page load interaction interfering with homepage widget

Hi there Webflow folk.

On the homepage of this site I am using an Elfsight cookie widget

For desktop/tablet and landscape phone sizes the widget displays correctly fine but for normal mobile portrait the widget does not display correctly.

The Elfsight widget script is placed in the head tag on the Home page (also tried it before the body tag).

I’ve worked out that it’s the Page Load interaction that is causing the problem (when I disable it everything displays correctly), so that’s good to find out what’s causing the issue but I would prefer to not have to disable the interaction for mobile portrait.

However, on a test page Cookie Test everything works perfectly for all responsive levels. So I am pretty baffled as to why this is happening. Both pages are using the ‘When page starts loading’ and I have tried both with ‘When page finishes loading’ and it seems to make no difference.

More annoying is that this site is using the same Elfsight widget and also has page load interactions but is not having any problems It was built about a year ago.

The responsiveness layout formatting works perfectly on a desktop browser when resizing the screen, it’s just on an actual phone that the problem exists.

Any thoughts on this greatly appreciated.


Here’s the share link Webflow - McVeagh Fleming - 2021

Hi Grant,

Had a look at your site on iPhone 11 Pro and didn’t have any issues with the cookie banner - screenshot here: image_123986672

It looks like it’s working with the page load interaction that’s currently set on the site - is this a different interaction than the one you’re having issues with?

Hi Milan,

Thanks for taking a look. It seems to be inconsistent across phones. Doesn’t work properly on Android Chrome.