Page load fires off pop up trigger

The oddest thing. Everything worked fine last week. I have five pages…

Presented the website to my boss. Second page works fine (Heligen)
Third page in (Fawligen), the pop up per crop triggers on page load.
Same for the fourth page, Surtivo. The pop up per crop triggers on page load.

Class codes are specific to each page. No page triggers on the site, too.
Even tried to copy the div from the well-behaved page, reset the triggers.
Fawligen page. 2 triggers, 2 crops.
Surtivo page. 1 trigger, 1 crop.

Why is this happening? Is there a way to check for page triggers?

Webflow - AgBiTech Grid Layout

I cheat at Wordle

Anyone out here can see what I set up wrong? thanks