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"Page Load" Animation restart when browser resize

Hey everybody,

After Webflow got an update, the “On Load” animation play every time a browser is resized up or down between viewports.

Why is this happening now and what purpose does it have?

For me, it just feels like a bug really.

Kind regards,


Hello, @ToreSBentsen!

Thanks so much for sharing the page load issue you’re having.

Which project are you specifically having issues with? Can you share your read-only link with me so I can jump in and investigate?

I’ll be standing by to help!

Hey @rileyrichter

You can see the read-only link here:

It’s making the “bug” on all the new sites i have been doing, but not for the old ones.

But it’s doing it on the published site, not the browser editor/designer. Published site is here:

BTW, I’m using Chrome and Safari. Haven’t checked in other browsers yet.

Hope it makes sense.

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Hi, @ToreSBentsen!

Thanks for sharing! I’m investigating this now and as soon as I know more I’ll post right back here!


Sounds great. Looking forward to hear what you come up with. :slight_smile:

Hi, @ToreSBentsen!

Thanks so much! After taking a look at your project, it looks like this is now expected behavior. :smiley:

Recently we added support for interactions to be turned on and off for certain breakpoints. It looks like you’re using this in your project.

If there is an interaction with custom media query settings, we reset the animation when switching between media queries (including browser resize) so that the respective interaction events and initial styles are properly displayed.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to assist you further!


Thanks for your replay. :slight_smile:

Ok, i get it. Is there any way to turn this feature off?


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