Page load animation lag and mobile animation anomaly

Hello there, Webflow community!

I am having two issues I can’t solve with my page load animation. Webflow share link

First one
For some magical reason, when I access my website for the first time on the desktop browser, starting animations lag and do not go properly one by one as animated. I am sure if you access the page from desktop you will see this happening ( , pass:maaja). Why does this occur? All the animations I have start when the page finishes loading and everything works fine on preview. I can’t figure out why this lags during the real testing. As I understand, “page finishes loading” means it finishes loading all the assets to go and load and animate everything smoothly. But it seems it is not the case.

Second one
Same issue happens on mobile… yet! There is one more thing. If you try to access this from mobile, you will see that logo goes too high! Actually… first time when you access it it goes well as planned, but if you reload the page it goes too high. I cleared cache, changed devices, changed browsers – the story is just the same.

Can someone experienced please have a glance on my project? Can’t get over this problem for the last week :pensive:

Any help is much appreciated!

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Here is my public share link: LINK
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