Page-load animation for navbar symbol ONLY on home page? How?

My Website has a page-load animation.
I am using symbols for things such as the navbar, etc, for use on other pages.
However, I only want the page-load animation to happen on the HOME page…
In other words, I don’t want the animation to happen every time they change pages.
But since the page load animation is set on the navbar, which is a symbol, how can I do this?

Advice is greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance everybody.


Can anybody help me with this?

Can’t you just take away that specific animation from the navbar and place it on another element that only exists on the homepage?

That would defeat the entire purpose, if I removed the Animation from the Navbar.

I WANT to have an Animation on the Navbar upon Page Load…
…But ONLY on the Home-Page, not every single other page that uses the same Navbar.

Surely this must be possible… nobody has an easy solution?

Detach the navbar on homepage from the symbol and apply the animation after you do that…does that work with you?

I detached the Symbol from the navbar on the homepage only.
I then re-directed the animation from the navbar symbol (remaining on other pages),
to the navbar on the homepage, which has been detached from the symbol.
Page-load animation for nav-bar is now only on homepage, as desired. Thank you for the idea.

The strange thing is, I realized I had a hero section that is on all pages, which I needed to do the exact same thing to (keeping only the page-load animation for the homepage, but not the other pages), and for some reason, even though the hero is still part of the symbol on ALL pages (including the home page), the home-page seems to be the only page that is animating the page-load effect for my Hero section, but not any of the other pages, lol… If that came out to make any sense. But ultimately that’s what I was going to do anyway, so I guess that’s convenient - just not sure why the hero animation is only showing on homepage for some reason. Very odd.

Anytime! Feel free to contact me in case you need help with something else. If you want me to look into your second issue, please share a read-only link so I can check it out by myself