Page links redirecting to homepage

Hey Everyone, the page links of my projects menu are working on the preview perfectly, but on live site, as soon as you hover over the link it shows on the corner left like it’s gonna take to the right URL but as soon as I click, they all are redirecting to homepage. Anyone has any clue of what could be happening?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Link looks fine and your /technogothic page isn’t redirecting, so the most obvious cause would be a script you have that’s triggering off the click event and redirecting.

I’d disable your site-wide scripts, especially the decorative cursor ones, republish and retest to see if that’s the cause.

Thank you! I wasn’t sure how to do so, but I got rid of the decorative cursor and republished, still dealing with the same problem. But maybe I didn’t exactly disabled the scripts? Where would that be?

Hi Katharina, I just saw your reply- did you find the problem? Scripts can be in you page-level custom code area, site-level custom code area under site settings, and in HTML embeds.

HTML embeds can be placed anywhere an element can, which includes inside of components, so it’s easy to bury these.