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Page Limits and Pricing Plan Confusion

Hi All, I’m a newbie to Webflow but am really liking it so far but am confused about the pricing structure. I’m a graphic designer and want to redesign my portfolio website with a new look and make it responsive. I’d like to use Webflow to do it but all I really need from Webflow is the software use. I’ve had my own domain name and domain host for years. So here are my main question:

  1. Am I correct in understanding that in order to export the files and install them on my host site I need to purchase a Webflow plan?

  2. I tried to add a 6th page to the Webflow template I’m currently working on and got an error message that I’ve reached the maximum # of pages when I tried to add a sixth page. There’s a 5 page limit unless you purchase a plan? For realz?

I’m new to this world of paying for software on a monthly basis forever. Still using Adobe CS 6 because I prefer to purchase my software outright. I think Webflow would be perfect for me, and it would help me save a lot of time but I just want the software. Is there any future pricing plan in the works that take people like me into account? If not it looks like I may just have to stick with Rapid Weaver … but I’m not really thrilled about that as 90% of my work is in print design, and having to keep up with web technology so that I can continue to hand code sites is becoming a major drag. :confused:

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