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Page layout not the same in designer and preview

Hey there,

I have been struggling with this page all day and I cannot figure it out.

Whenever I try to add additional sections, my layout breaks. My site seems to layout correctly when I am in the designer, but as soon as I go to preview, the images shrink and move.

If you go in the designer then click on Gallery (or even gallery2) those are the pages I’m struggling with. I tried to redo the page seeing if there was some sort of one-off bug, but it seems that I’m having the problem on either page.

Any feedback or help would be so appreciated!! :slight_smile: ----------

Hi @laceykesler :raised_hands:

You may be seeing issues related to the settings for height (VH) on different elements. I am not sure what you wanted it to look like. Can you provide some screenshot examples of what you are trying to achieve?

Hey @webdev

Here is a video link:

I am getting the weirdest behavior - I do have VH at 100 or 70 for the photos.

Thank you so much for your reply! :slight_smile: