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Page Layout Change When Hosted on Outside Server

I’m noticing a layout change on the following page when hosting a site on an outside server.

You’ll notice this page layout works well when published to the Webflow server:

The same layout functions differently when hosted on and outside server:

There appears to be some margin added to my inline divs, causing the last of 4-across to be bumped down. I can’t seem to figure out why this is happening and how hosting outside Webflow would change anything.

The only thing different between the two sites is that I’ve added an animated graphic on this page:
Doesn’t seem like this would be causing the issue.

This is the shared link to my working doc:

Any clarification or work-arounds ideas welcome!

Hi @Port_of_Folio, sorry to hear about the issues after export. The first thing I would check, is our common problems page when exporting sites:

After checking that info out, and trying the solutions given, if that still does not help, then a further look can be taken at design styles :smile:


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Yep, found something that did the trick. Thanks for the link. I didn’t search the forum using the correct wording/phrase.

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