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Page Keywords - separate with commas and join with quotes?

Hi all,

I was wonderign about the keyword box for apges for seo.

How is best to display that? Because i’d like to know if its possible to merge phrases with quotation marks.

for example:

I’ve been writing words in like this: food and drink

Is this possible to merge it as a phrase to help google?: “food and drink”

Or hsould I have been separating words with commas?: food, and, drink,

Thanks :smile:

Haha, there’s a lot to say.

If you’re using keywords to help your site being discovered on Google, well it’s useless, Google ceased to use them for page ranking more than 5 years ago.

You can read about that and more here

But the real answer to your question is commas define terms, so it goes like: term, group of terms, term, term, group of term

In the last update of their algorithm, google said they can now interpret better sentences, so should be a good approach to consider full sentences and not just single words.

You can have a look here regarding updates:

Yes but doesn’t this applys for pages content, and not for keywords?

If I understood it apply for keywords too, the algorithm is more intelligent now with sentences. I guess they realized people were searching sentences more than keywords.

We still use Keywords… for Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines… but Google does not use keywords anymore. (or at least they say they don’t).

I’ve recommend still using them - but concentrate on the content… and specifically using your keywords within human readable content.

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Sorry was away, Thanks for all the feedback.

Much appreciated :smile: