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Page jumps on load to section with HTML embed

Hi Webflow Peeps!
I’ve inherited a site that I must now debug :slight_smile:

There are two pages where the same behavior occurs. On page load both pages jump down to a section that contains and HTML embed. Here’s a screen shot of those:

I’m working on pages Chapter 2 & Chapter 3.

Here is my public share link:

Thanks in advance for any guidance here!

This isn’t enough information to tell for sure, but I’d be willing to bet both HTML embeds that are causing the problem have a field set to autofocus.

Hi @Cricitem, thanks for jumping in here.

Sorry, I’m not familiar with where a field would to be set to autofocus in an HTML embed, nor what that even means. Do you mind walking me through it a bit?

It means that within the HTML embed is a form of some sort, and one of the fields in that form is set to autofocus, meaning as soon as you load the page, the cursor is in one of those fields.

Can you show us the live version?

Thanks, @Cricitem! Chapter 3 behaves as described in Safari but doesn’t seem to be having the same issue in Chrome.

Hi @Cricitem! Just reaching out to see if you can help me discover where the auto focus might be set. I’d like to post the code for that element here, but as I paste it in I see that it doesn’t appear on the right in preview:

and, again, here is a link to the live page:

Thanks so much for your help!![code|690x131]

It’s getting a little beyond my pay grade, at this point, to be honest with you. I can tell you that it isn’t your embed code that’s doing it, though. It’s what is being generated inside of it by that javascript.

I would go back to the developer who created the quiz and see if they can solve it.

Ok, thanks @Cricitem!

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