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Page Jumping to Unintended Position

I’m working on a page that includes a scroll interaction, where a cube rotates matching the user’s scroll position.

There seems to be an issue where, upon loading the page (either published or in Webflow’s preview), the scroll position jumps, showing an unintended face of the cube along with a label. This face and label should be shown last, not first. The scrollbar doesn’t jump, and when the user starts scrolling, the cube faces/labels jump back to the correct orientation and rotate as intended. It’s just the initial load position scrolls to that unintended point.

Here’s the link to my project: Cube Site

For reference, the first face of the cube that should be shown upon page load is a color photo portrait of just the man in his baseball uniform, looking off, with the label as “athlete.” The last cube face shown should be him and a group of kids, with the label “humanitarian.”

Thank you!

hi @tamkng your element Y rotation is not 0deg on page load but for some reason is moved by large amount viz. image with code. I have tried find why but its lots of debugging and hard to solve when I can’t save changes. It looks like that on page load is your element scrolled down (that can explain 260deg) so my guess is that this movement has something to do with your VH setting on elements and positioning settings. But it is pure guess. You can also look on how to use position sticky

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