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Page Jumping to Section when loaded

Hi There

I pretty new at building sites and have a landing page that has an embedded form (123 Forms). I have managed to get it all working although when the page loads it jumps to a section.

I have looked through the forums and people have suggested there may be an auto-select active somewhere. The problem is I have no idea what an auto-select is or where to find it as an option to resolve.

Can someone please help to step me through the stages I need to go through on the designer to resolve.

Thanks a bunch.

Looks like the form script to me. You can test this theory by duplicating the page, removing the form and associates scripts, then testing the page. If it no longer scrolls to the bottom you know where the problem lies and where to seek assistance.

script image attached

Thanks so much. i took your advise and it did not autofocus. I then went into the advanced settings in 123form builder and found that Autofocus was set to on. Thank you very much!