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Page issues - Working on designer and preview mode but not working on "real" website

I don’t know since when i have this issue and why.
I have a page working well on designer and when i click preview but it is not working on the “real” website.

Here’s the page :

How can i fix it ?
Is it a way to show my design side ?

Thanks for your help.
Best regards.

Did you get your issue resolved with the preview and real website??

No at all. Waiting for help.

Anyone could help me resolve this issue please ?

Can you share the read-only link to your website?

A guide to do so can be found here.

Thank you for the reply.

Here is the link :

Hi @amoilatoque

It looks like the issue is because you have 100% height set on section_BON CADEAU.

If you change this from % to VH this will fix the issue:

If you select the parent element, form, you will see it has a 0 height. Because of this, setting section_BON CADEAU to 100% was essentially setting it to 0 as well.

I hope this helps!

Oh ! Thank you so much :slight_smile:
It works perfectly !


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