Page is jumping up down repeatedly

I’m finishing my website but I have this artifact that has been going for a while: in preview mode the page jumps up and down when I scroll back up. I am just wondering if this is a Webflow problem or something within my website. I did record a video:

Hi @rafdesign

Can you please post your read-only link?

great idea… here is the link:

No matter which computer I use or which project I am working on, this is happening. I am really surprised that no one else noticed this. I am using Mac OS X 10.10.5 on a Macbook Pro or Windows 10 on two PCs.

hi @rafdesign

What browser are you using? I have tested in Chrome on MAC OSX and not had any issues.

Tested your preview link in Chrome on Linux and Chrome OS - no issues.

I can try to record with my 3 computers and show the problem. Let me get back later.

Hi @rafdesign, this may be a design/browser compatibility issue… but just in case, if you think there is a bug, then feel free to submit a ticket to

I am here to help!

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