Page is breaking/crashing on some IOS mobile devices

Hello everyone,

I am currently facing an issue with a specific section of a website I’m working on: White Label TikTok Ads Agency for Outsourcing.

According to some users and testing, this section seems to crash when accessed via an iOS mobile device. I’ve been unable to replicate the issue on my end, making it difficult for me to pinpoint the exact problem.

To attempt to fix the issue, I’ve already made a few modifications, such as:

  1. Changing the gradients on the page to images.
  2. Attempting to add separate properties for gradients.

Unfortunately, these changes haven’t solved the problem.

I’m seeking expert guidance to help me:

Replicate this issue: If anyone with an iOS device could try to access the link and share their experience, it would be very useful.

Identify possible causes: I’m not sure what could be causing this section to crash on iOS devices. Are there specific coding practices or elements that are known to cause such issues?

Implement solutions: Based on the possible causes, what actions should I take to prevent the website section from crashing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I’m also getting the same thing.

Seems to work in Safari on my iPhone but crashes immediately on Chrome.

No idea on how to fix :frowning:

Your site seems to load ok for me. Did you work it out?

Unfortunately no, This is some sort of glitch I guess, I was experiencing some sort of the same glitch back in 2021 where everything looks perfect on Andriod but broke on iPhones.

BTW are you also using fonts and spacing in EM or any other unit other then PX ? May be this will be the case?