Page elements not showing when published?

For anyone who may be able to spare some knowledge. This is the first website I made and have had no problems since I’ve made it. Now for some reason the “endodontics” page elements are not showing when published. They do show on preview, but not published.

I checked everything I can think of, and can’t find the problem. Most of the elements on the page share the same class as pages of other “services” pages, and they are working just fine. Any help would be amazing!

Endodontics is a menu option under the services drop-down from navigation.

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Page that doesn’t show correctly

You’re missing one character to close the iframe in teh facebook button, it causes the page to stop rendering what’s after.

Put </iframe> and the rest of the page will show up.

@vincent You’re the man! Seriously, thanks for the help! I did not see that!

It’s the #2 in the TOP 10 solutions :smiley: We’ve all done it :slight_smile:

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I’m going to save that page! Will most likely save me some trouble in the future! Thx sir!

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