Page doesn't begin at the top when opened

Hi, when i go to another page (try the questionnaire page) i have to scroll back to the top myself because the page starts at the middle. Why is that? Is there something i can change to avoid that?

Here is the link to the website since the problem is only visible on the published website:

And here is the link to the read-only website:


@Yannick_Duguay - It seems to fix its self if you go back in and remove the questionnaire link in under the settings (screenshot) and re-add it just as you did the first time.

Let me know if that fixes the problem.

Hello @Yannick_Duguay

It’s probably because of your Autofocus on Field 2.
Just uncheck it it should resolve your issue.
Looks like you have copy paste this field for the entire section “Parlez-moi de votre projet de site web”, so don’t forget to uncheck autofocus on all of them.

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Yup it did the trick, thanks!

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