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Page content loads much later than the background does


I’m not sure if this correct category for my problem, but long story short, recently my website started loading really slowly, my content to be precise. Background loads first content loading for another 4 seconds or so. I know that this may occur if my JavaScript are in the head, however, in this case I only have a landing page with single JavaScript before body tag. Gtmetrix score F for avoid landing page redirects. I haven’t really worked with redirects yet, therefore, It’s still a bit of a gray area for me. My domain is hosted on IONOS and it has been working pretty well until very recently.

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Thank you for your help!:innocent:

From the looks of it, I have managed to resolve it by disabling SSL and re-entering DNS an proxy address. Although, just out of curiousity, does anyone know why forcing SSL made such difference?