Page building with predefined symbols?


First post here, reallly intrigued by webflow and going to build an upcoming project with it. I’m usually doing frontend-development and setting up the CMS content structures and I’m really pleased with the little experience that I’ve had with webflow so far.

However ,one thing that I’m still not sure how to do with webflow is a “page builder” or “repeating groups” or whatever you want to call them. Page building being the most common term I encounter for this.

What I mean with page building is having a pre-determined group of fields that are being displayed in a specific way so that a content editor can add blocks of content to a site. An example site could consists of these groups:

  • Intro Text
  • Image with Text on the Right
  • Full width Text
  • Full width Image
  • CTA
  • A symbol that pulls data from the team collection
  • 3 Image Grid
  • […]

I know that I could define a hand full of layouts, but in most scenarios I don’t know neither the order nor the amount of those elements beforehand.

The other thing is repeating group of fields in general. Basically tables or lists of symbols within an item.

So: How would I implement these with the webflow CMS?

Kind regards!