Page bouncing when loading

Hey everyone,

until today, when testing the site, everything worked without problems. However, all of a sudden the published page started to bounce when loading (see video). I have no idea what the problem is, I haven’t come across anything like this before.

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Can somebody help me?


hi @Lubo it looks that your issue on page load is related to your body element that has set display: flex. I do not know the reason for this setting as it is unusual (you should not touch body element if not absolutely necessary). Try to reset body back to block as what I see in the console there is some change that happened on reload. I saw you have an interaction on page load (IMO does not cause the page to move) you can try to disable it to see what happens.

Hi @Stan, thank you for the response. Display: flex on body is from this Webflow tutorial. I’ve used it on several websites and never had a problem. I reset body to its original settings, but nothing changed. Still bouncing like before.

Interaction starts when page finishes loading. I tried turning it off, but that didn’t help either.

I would guess that there is maybe a connection with javascript custom code. I tried deleting all the custom code on the website. The bouncing hasn’t completely disappeared, but it’s milder (see video).

But it’s strange, because I’ve tested the website even with this code many times and everything worked perfectly. I didn’t edit anything on the code (because I don’t understand it myself), but yesterday the page suddenly started bouncing. I did not make any adjustments that could be related to it.

I thought about using a preloader, maybe that would be a solution, but I would like to avoid it. The website seems quite simple to me. I have already made several more complex websites in Webflow and never had a similar loading problem.

what I see you have custom code in project setting that toggle body overflow. This is for me a red flag as body overflow cause issues on mobiles and if is manipulated it is not good sign. Are you using some 3d part lib Scroll? I see it but I can find it. All of these are candidates to cause issues. Im not able to help more as only you can comment out code, publish changes and see result.

hodne stesti s hledanim :wink:

Body owerflow hidden is used to prevent scrolling when the menu is open on mobile.

Sometimes I have a memory like a goldfish because I edited this part of the code. Instead of targeting one class, I added multiple of them, which caused the problem.

Ďakujem pekne za pomoc @Stan :wink: