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Page blank (published)

Hey guys,

recently one of my sub pages Über Uns is only shown blank/white.
I didn’t change anything so thats pretty weird. Found something about an iframe error in the code in some other posts, but I have no custome code except cookies.

Maybe someone can help real quick? Would mean the world!




It looks like the “loading animation” section goes from display none to visible. There is no script on the page, but it is possible that there is a custom code at the project level that makes this block visible… This would explain why in preview it works and on the published site the content is under the element “loadin animation”.

After studying the CSS it seems that a script makes the loading animation block change from none to flex…

The solution is to be found on this side, if not, removing the “loading animation” section will definitely solve the problem.

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Thank you so much for your answer.
I deleted the loading animation section but it didnt solve the problem. Any other suggestions?

A solution maybee:
quick video to explain

Thank you for your answer!

I set every oppacity to 100% (whole section and every single text element and so on), and it didnt work.
Somehow it affects the sites

and also

But not the imprint, AGBs etc

I duplicated the main page to create the sites that are not working now. Could that be the problem?

Maybe a script set the opacity to zero, after page load because when the page is loading you can see the element for like 0.4 seconds… You have to test removing script from the site to the project settings.

Thank you. I createrd new pages (instead of duplicating existing ones) and copied the single elements into it. works now.

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