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Page at the wrong starting point

I’ve found one other thread regarding this and the answer was to look and see if something is in FOCUS.
I did, the state isn’t active anywhere.

Why do you start at the contact section? :thinking:


Hi @Tim_Leon_Cruse

Check the Subject message field in your form. It is set to AutoFocus. This is why it isnt starting at the top. When you remove this and republish it will be fixed.

I made this mistake once or twice myself.

The AutoFocus feature is for a page that you want people to be directed to the form first before going anywhere else on the page. It is a way to direct traffic for sign-up forms, newsletters, etc.

Here is where you can find it:

Happy Designing

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Sorry about the gif, had a upload issue.

Just click on the subject message field and on the right in the options menu, deselect the autofocus checkbox.

Thank you so much, Brandon!

Now I feel relieved :innocent:

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