Padding Issue in Published View but not im designer

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering a puzzling issue with Webflow. I have a section in my design that’s boxed to 1920px width, which displays correctly in the designer view. However, when viewing the published site on screens larger than 1920px, an unwanted padding appears.

Despite these efforts, the padding issue persists. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might be missing or how to fix this? If anyone has faced similar issues and found a solution, I’d greatly appreciate your insights.

My Read Only link

Thanks in advance for your help!

(The problem section is the video over “this is us, …”)


Hi! Your “container-large” has a max-width of 120rem, so it’s staying at 1920px max width.

Hey Sobota,

thank u for your reply.

I want that the video stay in 1920 pixel but in the published view, they have a little padding.