Padding in Dynamic Lists Issue

Hey Y’all,

What appears to be a bug! Spacing between dynamic items seems to change in Chrome.

Wierdly when viewed with preview button in the designer it looks fine. The spacing seems to change when published in Chrome.

Any advice would be great. Maybe I’ve just missed something, I just don’t know!

Thanks in advance

Sorry Please ignore I worked it out


I’ve experienced something similar as well - I had assumed I was making a mistaken change somewhere else in the site to an element with the same class, so I had to back-track a bit, finally just giving the image a new class with the desired spacing. Still, I experienced elusive, inexplicable additional padding or margin on the right hand side. Is this what you were experiencing, and if so, what was your finding for solution?


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I copied the dynamic list to another page and started again. I think A parent DIV was causing the issue but I couldn’t tell you exactly how it worked.