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Owl carousel display problem

Hello, i’m using owl carousel and it’s working great, but when dragging it left and right, at some point all the items are stretched to sides and the whole slider is corrupted or disappears.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you,

Here is my site Read-Only:

and the site link:

This is the slider:

Hi @Naama,

It’s working fine on my end, could you make a screen recording of the issue with loom for example ?

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Hi @anthonysalamin attached the video - see that when i’m starting to move the carousel right and left, it just disappears?

FYI: Owl Carousel is a dead project and has not been updated in over three years. So if there are bugs you encounter, you would be on your own. You may wish to look at tiny slider instead ->

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@webdev thanks for your answer, I didn’t know that… will look into tiny slider.