Overwriting collections

Hi there,

How can I overwrite a collection?

I would like to be able to switch the collection while overwriting the component. However, I cannot add the field to do it. Screenshot by Lightshot

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Hopefully someone can help.

Thank you!

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Hello Victoria

Can you clarify what you mean by ‘overwriting’ a collection? Each collection item has it’s own info so each item ‘overwrites’ the others. You say that you would like to switch the collection while overwriting the component, can you explain that as well?

Hello Bavly,
Sure, I’ll try to explain it.
When you have a component you may set new fields to overwrite. While if the elements are from a collection, you do not have the option to create that field. I was wondering if I can use that component, in a way that I can swap a different collection (with same field).
I hope this is better.
Thank you!

I assume by component, you mean a symbol. You can freely add fields to a CMS and only assign values to this field on the items you want. If this still hasn’t answered your question, can you upload an image with what you want your website to look like or how you’d like it to function?

Thanks for your quick answer,
Yes, I meant symbol. If you see the capture I am able to overwrite things as copy in this module:

But if I want to swap the collection, the option to create a new field is disable Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot
I was wondering if there is way, you can use the same symbol with different collections.
Thanks a lot!