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Overwatch: Open beta campaign page rebuild

Hey everyone,
(This is my second work in Webflow).

I did a little rebuild to the Overwatch open beta campaign. I really liked the original page and decided to rebuild it in Webflow. (I also liked the game :smile:)
My Overwatch Rebuild
The Original Overwatch Open Beta Page
UPDATE: Read-Only Link

While building this page i learned a lot of cool things. (js/webflow features and more), I tried my best to make it like the original page, I didn’t do the “glow animation” (had a few problems with that) beside that i’m happy with the result.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have… also i’m thinking about making a video (how i did it), so if you want to see it tell me :smile:.

Have a great day, :smile:


WOW!!! Great job! :smiley:

Looks exactly the same as the real one. Mind sharing your read-only link so we can all learn from your work?

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Thank you!! :smile:.
I just added the read only link in the post :smiley:.


Hey @Ohad, you continue to impress :slight_smile: Awesome job!

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Hey @cyberdave, Thank you :smiley:.