Override link style on clickable card

Hello! We have a global style for text links to add an orange underline on hover. How can I eliminate or override it in the clickable blue boxes (about 1/4 way down the page)?

Read only link here.

Thanks for your time!

Hey Rebekkah, Nutshell is a good product.

So here’s the problem…

The reason you can’t find it in the designer is that Webflow isn’t showing you this this construction. It’s not something that would normally happen in the way you’ve applied the classes to this part of your UI.

Most likely the Single Post Article class was originally set up on to work on a Rich Text element, and in that RTE, the underline style was set on “links within RTEs with the class Single Post Article”

There’s a weird side effect of that, which is that the CSS generated looks like that piece above. With the selector arrangement Webflow is generating - any time you have an element classed .single-post-article that contains an a element, it will get that orange underline style.

To fix that-

Make an RTE, apply the class, and remove that link styling.
If you have RTEs where you want that link styling, separate your class use- have classes you only use for RTE’s ( It can be useful to put RTE in the class name ).

I happened to post this styling hack last week if you want a deeper understand of why it’s working this way.

Thank you @memetican—I appreciate your responses.

I tried your suggested method but came up short. I realize that the nesting within .Single Post Article is causing the orange underline so I ended up restructuring the grid to move the navy blue box component outside of .Single Post Article maintaining the sticky form in the left column. I think it’s working for now.

That’s exactly right, as long as you avoid that CSS construction, you’re all set.
Most likely, you’ll need to replace that DIV as I suggested, so your layout will work, but as long as it’s working I’d tick that one off.