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Overlaying box and text over picture - Div not appearing

Hi Community,

Getting deep and dirty on Webflow again and learning … but often the hard way. I just mastered putting text over a picture and wanted to underlay the text with some gray box (above the picture). But the Div for the box does not want to show up.

I have played with Z-value and many things, basically copying the way I positioned the Text over the picture. But it does not work.

Can anybody help solve the mistery?


PS This is on the “Use Case -> Adoption Phase page”
PPS Here is a picture

Here is my public share link: LINK
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You added broken link. In general if you put div2 inside div1 - div2 have 0px height (is empty!!) so most of the time the trick of overlay involved with some trick that stretch this div (the “empty” div2). otherwise you dont see any bg color or effect.

Again add link or example for better answer. You can solve a lot of this issues by :hover (without any extra div or markup).

Also in webflow templates you find a lot of overlay divs ideas. Try to learn the structure.

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