Overlay over background image

the overlay shows first for a second but not on all pages and also not all the time and I don’t know what causes it.
It drives my crazy and I hope somebody knows what I do wrong?

please help?
regards Adriene

Hi Adriene,

I’m confused. What overlay are you talking about?

Also, try not to add drop shadow to the text. It makes it look really bad. Instead, add a black overlay on the image to darken or lighten it

there is an overlay over the image and I did ad a shadow to the text for better readability. At first the text was white but then webflow says not enough contrast although it looked much better, is it very important to have enough contrast in this case? Or is it better to go with white text?
Update: what I found out: the reason I had not enough contrast with type was because the section was set to transparent and then I placed a background image. I changed the transparent option to a color and now I have enough contrast for the type color I first had and don’t need a shadow anymore. I don’t know yet if I still see the overlay first before the image appears. After publishing it is okay but I had that in the past too, sometimes the image appeared with overlay without delay and at other times the overlay appeared first with delay for the image.

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