Overlay disappearing when browser is resized

I can’t figure out why the overlay I have disappears when I resize the browser. It seems to happen at the break points from desktop to tablet, and tablet to mobile.

any help would be great.


Hey @osully93,

  1. Can you elaborate where this overlay exactly is?
  2. can you share a read-only link to the project?
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Hello, @osully93!

Thanks so much for reporting! I did some investigating and it looks like you are using custom code to show this modal. We don’t directly support custom code, but feel free to ask for help in the custom code section of the forums.

As a side note, one way to avoid this is to use Webflow interactions to show and hide that modal. In my testing that worked without issue and I didn’t see the same issues when resizing the browser.

You could set the cookie when the user clicks the button, or still on load. But, you would just be using native Webflow interactions to hide and show the modal.

I hope this was helpful! :smiley: :webflow_heart:

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Thanks @rileyrichter. I will adjust and try it out.

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You’re welcome, @osully93! :bowing_man: So happy I could help! :webflow_heart:

so I still seem to be having the issue…

read only link:

I need to have the overlay persist across all the pages, just in case someone does not come to the homepage, we still need to have them agree to terms.

If I leave the overlay as a block element…the button will hide it…but once you navigate to another page it shows again. And when you set the overlay as hidden, we get the resize bug, where the overlay will disappear if the window is reduced in size to tablet width or below.

is there a way to have webflow set a cookie/seesion data with interactions? or have it remember the overlay was hidden on a previous page?

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