Overlapping text and image block without changing image height

Learning Weblfow here.

I am trying to overlap text over an image like this (design shown in Figma with grid overlaid):

Monosnap Lemonsnap 2022-12-05 19-42-06

I have tried to use the Wizardry method and have made the container for the row FlexBox. It seems that when I use a negative margin to position the text over the image, it compresses the height of the image, like this:

I tried creating a separate container-row for the text, but it still seems to have the same effect on the height of the image. Not sure what to do here.

Just coming over to Webflow from Wordpress / Divi. I am excited but there is lots to learn, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much

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Never mind. I saw what I did! :grinning: I had updated the class for all grid-items without realizing it!