Overlapping Sections on Mobile Landscape

I am struggling with overlapping sections especially in the mobile landscape. I have read so many other post such as this. I have played around with the min height. but i cant see where i went wrong. I’m at the end of my day, so i’m posting. FYI, I’m sooooo new to this platform…

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From what I can see, the sections on mobile need to be styled.
• Remove all of the negative margins
• Adjust negative absolute positioning
• Remove all min height values
• Replace all “VH” height units with “auto”

If you’re new to Webflow, I’d recommend not using the Grid display for basic layouts. Grids are powerful but can be tricky, and usually are not needed for basic layouts. I’ve noticed many new users applying grid to everything when it’s not needed.
You’ll benefit from the Webflow University lessons. We can help here but won’t be as thorough, and most of this is the core responsive layout functions of Webflow.

Thank you for your reply. Appreciate it!!!