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Overlapping elements for different screens or resolutions


ive been struggling with this for a long time now, basically ive designed my second site on here (had no problems with first)

the problem is that despite designing every page within 960 guides etc, every time my client views their page or their monitors the site looks messed up, however on some screens looks fine. im finding this problem to be unfixable atm and its driving me insane.

heres the public link:

and the live site:

and attached are a few photos of that the site ends up looking like on some of their (clients) PC screens.

im completely at a loss here and require some help desperately



I can’t reproduce your clients’ error. I located this page, I think you’re showing it in your screens above right?

Is it possible your client is facing a cache issue? Can they flush all their caches?

Also are they using older browsers?

yeah i find it bizarre, i cant find where the overlaps come from. @vincent it was this page from one of the screenshots

@Davidn - im not completely sure to be honest, all i know is that they defo arnt using high resolutions on their screens.

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