Overflows issue on mobile view



Here are the links to the project. I am having issues with an image in the lighter section… I have it set to swipe in on scroll, but even with the overflow on hidden, it still loads like this!

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!!


Hello @ilikewebdesign,
This overflow cause by animated element (its initial state)

You can fix it by giving overflow: hidden to section, where is this element.


Thanks for the reply! but it still does not display properly even after I have made sure the overflow was on hidden.

I also double checked to see that I published the site… could it be anything else?

Well… You have to set up overflow: hidden NOT to image, but to the section (or linkblock, or column, or row) where this image inside. Then it will make the difference.

OOOOH. I get it. Thanks for the patience!! that worked!

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