Overflowing Slider to left and right

Hello everyone,
I don’t know if this is the right channel, but:

I am looking for support with the realisation of a slider element i want to build. Specifically, I need help with the design of a slider element in which only images are to be displayed. I think that the solution is probably totally simple, but somehow I have a mistake in my thinking. :smiley:

The slider element is to be implemented using the Relume Framework and the native slider element from Webflow, also with the navigators.

The slider should be designed as follows:

3 image elements are to be visible across the width of the screen, with each image element representing a slide element and only the image element in the centre is to be visible in full and the other two images only half or the rest of the other two images (next to the central image element) are to overflow, i.e. overflow the width of the screen.

Can anyone help me with the design? (i have no read-only-link as for now)

Visually, the whole thing should look something like this: