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Overflowing content

Hey, I’m having some trouble with overflowing content when I’m in tablet mode. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with that?

Also is there anyway to make it so that the buttons in column 44 don’t move? for the moment I’m adjusting my text so that it doesnt seem like they are at different hights?

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The way you have your elements distributed in “Column 44” might make it a bit difficult to position your buttons.
The easiest way would be to add divs so that your text elements and buttons would be positioned within those divs, and then those divs would be positioned within your columns.

The way you have your elements set up, you would have to have the same amount of text in each column to make the buttons sit at the same height.

Here are some quick previews:

All i did was add a div that holds the text elements and a div that holds the button.

Then i tweaked “new div 1” to a minimum height of 600px (usable in desktop mode, not usable in tablet or phone mode).

The minimum height would depend on the amount of static text you want to use. Then ive changed the layouts of the new divs to “flex layout” and i set it to "vertical, centered on both axis.

Then i made all text elements have a max width of 60% (you can change this to whatever you like)

Then it’s just a matter of small tweaks to make the elements look the way you want them to.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:~


Hey, thank you for the reply. I tried applying this although I must have made a mistake since the buttons keep moving. I should state the obvious aswell, I do not have any background in tech. I’m a dietitian so you probably gave me all the imformation I need and it’s not your fault I messed it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I wonder if someone has a solution for my question considering the overflowing content in tablet mode aswell.


Thanks, Dafna

oh i just fixed it by adjusting the minimum hight! :slight_smile:

Hi Dafna,

Glad you worked it out!
You can switch between different resolutions (pc, tablet, phone) and customize different height settings for each resolution.