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Overflow white space, Heading and Image Issue

Hi everyone first time user here with a one page website…

Can someone please take a look at my website and help me figure out where I’ve gone wrong.

  1. I’m running into an issue with whitespace overflow on mobile (seems to be common
    in the forums). I’ve already made an attempt running through the website changing
    the overflow settings however it ultimately locked my site from allowing you to
    scroll during normal use.

    I’ve heard the next step to resolving this issue is manually going through the entire
    website in X-ray mode to find out what elements are spanning to far out of the
    display area…is their an easier way?

  2. The heading and image in the about section are unorganized an seem to be fixated
    to a random area. Originally I was using the “relative” and “absolute” positioning
    to resolve this issue however the website became completely unorganized and non
    responsive as I began scaling down to tablet and mobile. Now they are just
    centered randomly in the middle of the page.

  3. When scaling down from desktop to mobile on a section with long text and an
    image how do you prevent the text from constantly overlaying over top of the
    image? The text is being responsive but it just keeps scaling over top of my images

Here is my site: